Patient Feedback / Review

- Ramlal Muwel

My friend got hair transplant from this clinic he is very happy with hair transplant result and experience of this hair transplant clinic is very good The team and and dr sanjay pancholi is experienced hair transplant surgeon. Thanks for Highly recommended In indore

- Mahendar Patel

Best hair transplant clinic in indore, Doctor Sanjay Pancholi sir has explained the treatment very well, the surgical part is painless and the best result i have got now my head is full of hair in 6 month. Thanks you sir

- vijay soni

My all family members consulted here for skin and hair purpose and the treatment is very good I can see the improvement and my also has hair transplant here thank you sir

- Mahesh Patel

Got hair treatment and my hair fall isssue from this clinic Doctor gave limited medichne and lotion And that is working. Staff and clinic is good. Doctor seems to be qualified for his job Will update further

- Ayush Jadhav

I got hair treatment from him he superb In hair no hair expert in comparison Thanks you so much Results are good I got very good density after the hair treatment and prp The team and staff is very good Kudos to Reehairskin clinic

- Yogesh Mehra

My experience of hair transplantation by the doctor was very good and the nature of the staff was also humble, the behavior of the doctor was very friendly.

- Nilesh Sahu

Good for hair treatment and transplant Taking treatment for hair since 6 months fully satisfying thank you dr sanjay pancholi highly recommended My friend also got hair transplant from here He got 3000 grafts with good pricing and affordable procedures . He is happy with staff and team and hair transplant result Tha is sor

- Abhishek Pachorkar

Awesome experience. I had my hair issue (lost hair from one spot from forehead) i.e alopecia areata in past and doctor sanjay pancholi was there to help out right away with his prescribed medications within a month my hair came back. Even today i had skin issue where skin got peeled from face and burning issue i right away contacted doctor and he was ready to help asap. Very good and helpful doctor with so much experience in this field. I would recommend everone to visit dr sanjay pancholi if you any issue with skin and hair.

- Sunil Kumar

If you're searching for hair transplant or hair treatment. You must consult dr Pancholi Reehairskin centre at LIG square indore . - 1) He always true to his words and consultantion No fake or false promises. 2) He is having team of Good skilled hands 3) his name is famous among doctor community for his works and practice. 4) His clinic is visited by emergency doctor in between the surgery. Clinic is Big spacious and clean . Staff is qualified and Helping . Best of luck for his team and dr pancholi

- Akshat Panchal

Good - My father got hair transplant from him He is good in clinical skills and har transplantation, first consultation was good he explained about the procedure and times Told the real sceince behind the hairs and FUE and FUT One thing about him is he is true to his words We are expecting the natural density but he density Side effect that can happen after hair transplant is also explained overall the consultation was details and we were sure about the procedure Needs to improve.- If he is in hair transplant then yuy have to wait for almost 30 minutes Best for luck to him for future

- Sangita Patel

I got my son's hair transplant done and the result was very transplant cost was also was also very good and all the children were treated well before transplant and the clinic seemed quite good and all the facilities were also good. Thank you..😊

- CS Anurag Gangrade

I am so happy with the result of my hair transplant at Reehairskin clinic. They take great care of me. Dr. Sanjay Pancholi are really nice and made me comfortable. The result have surpassed my expectations and I feel like new person. Thanks you Reehairskin clinic, for your outstanding hair transplant surgery and change my personality.

- Siddharth Panwar

Amazing experience. I visited the clinic 2 times for different purposes. One was for hair fall and second for dark skin patch problem. The staff was very helpful, clean and hygienic clinic and most importantly Dr. Pancholi was great. He took good time to hear the problem, answered all the questions of mine which gave me good satisfaction. The medicines prescribed were very effective and resolved the problems. Highly recommended!!

- Ketan Solanki

It's been a very good experience of hair transplant treatment with Dr. Sanjay pancholi sir . There service is superb as they are very experienced and humble doctor. My friend has been suffering from baldness and I found Dr. Sanjay pancholi from the internet and they are best in hair transplantation. If anyone is suffering from hair related issues then it is very good to consult with Dr. Sanjay Pancholi sir as I told that they are very much good in Hair and cosmetic treatments.

- Ramlal Muwel

My friend got hair transplant from this clinic he is very happy with hair transplant result and experience of this hair transplant clinic is very good The team and and dr sanjay pancholi is experienced hair transplant surgeon. Thanks for Highly recommended In indore


Dr. Sanjay Pancholi's is a great doctor. He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. Hair transplant specialist and dermatologist Indore expert in hair treatment. Took treatment for my hair loss and hair transplant. He explained about the hair fall & explained the whole procedure of hair transplant. The charges of his procedure is also affordable. He takes time with the patient to help them with their skin disease issues. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist. Thanks Highly recommended πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈπŸ₯😊